Action Program for Turkey (2008)

Imperialism out from Middle East!

Aggression of the imperialism continues over the peoples’ of the world, especially in Middle-East. Since the imperalist occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan, hundread thousands of people have been killed and millions of people have been forced to migrate.

The occupations justified by the commitments of democracy and freedom, offered to the peoples of the region nothing but destruction and barbarism.

Zionist Israel state continues with the systematical genocide politics on Palestinian people. The practices of Israel can only be compared with the concentration camps of the Nazis. Unless Israel state is destroyed, peace will be impossible in Middle-East.

Despite all repression, the resistance of the Palestinian, Iraqi and Afghan peoples against imperialist occupation and Zionism continues. Thanks to these resistances, legitimacy of the imperialist states in the zone is weakening, to establish the imperialist hegemony in the zone is getting hard. Middle-East must be cleaned from the imperialist occupation and military bases!

Turkish government is collaborating with the imperialist politics. The Iraq occupation is supported logistically from military base of İncirlik. Turkish army serves to imperialism in Lebanon, Afghanistan and in many other places in the world. Also, Turkey is one of the most important allies of Israel in the zone. If we don’t want to share the responsibility of these bloody imperialist politics, we have to demand the withdrawal of the Turkish army from all the zones where it serves under UN and NATO. Turkey must leave NATO.

Against Military-Police Regime!

In a country like Turkey with very limited capital accumulation, for the bourgeoisie democracy is a luxury. The law regime, that means civil rights, freedoms, democratic rights etc are valid and meaningful as long as they serve the interests of the bourgeoisie. Precisely for this, “democracy” as such frequently stepped out by the bourgeoisie! Thus, the regime turns out to be a nightmare for the big majority of the people, especially for the working class, and serves only to the interests of the bourgeoisie.

That’s why, we characterize the regime of Turkish bourgeoisie state as a military-police regime under a pseudo parliamentary cover. This regime is a kind of Bonapartism and our characterization signs several structural facts: A Constitution which is a product of the 1980 military coup, a jurisprudence and law system which reflects the soul of the military dictatorship, a political power dominated by the nominated and not the selected people, military tutelage over the political system, and the centralization of the legislative, executive and jurisdiction bodies in the hands of a powerful military and civil bureaucracy… However, precisely for the structural problems of the political regime, this centralization never reaches to a stable form and produces permanent crisis.

There produced a chronic regime crisis in recent years because of disagreements between military-civilian bureaucracy and AKP (Justice and Development Party, in government). This situation, which is concretized as the illegalization process on AKP and the Ergenekon operation, isn’t simply a dispute between the laic front and the Islamist fundamentalists, but a deep fight within the dominant bourgeoisie class. The fact that the military-civilian bureaucracy is loosing its historical interests has led up to this crisis.

Turkey isn’t governed by the parliament or the national government. The strings are in the military-police regimes’ hands. As long as the reactionary Constitution prepared by the 1980 military dictatorship and the MGK (National Security Committee) keep on being the main regime fundaments, democracy will never be reailised even if at a minimum level.

The AKP government, except on removing the headscarf ban or offering some rights to religious schools, doesn’t have any contradiction with the MGK regime. It is a puppet government of the regime, and is the executor of all anti-democratic repression, as the oppression on the Kurdish nation, restrictions against the working class, obstacles like 301st article of Turkish Punishment Law on freedom of speech and demonstration or Law for Struggling Against Terrorism.

Terminate The Repressions Against Kurdish People!

Despite its crisis, the most aggressive policy of military-police regime is the enforcement of repression, denial and annihilation over Kurdish people. Millions of Kurds are forbidden to express their political views and using their language in education and culture, as they are exposed to a systematic repression of the government. The only solution except military that offers the government to the “Kurdish problem” is dissolving the national requests of Kurdish people under the dominance of the religious sects and tribes in the area. This tendency of the regime also fits exactly to the divide and rule policy of U.S. upon the region. Furthermore, big capital sector (TÜSİAD etc.) has the perspective of solving the Kurdish problem according to their own benefits within the framework of European Union project. This perspective defines the Kurdish problem primarily as a cultural one, and intends to solve it within the conception of civil society and according to benefits of capitalist world market. However, today Kurds are in a revolutionary process that exceeds the limitations that impose the religious sects and tribes. Especially in the light of experiences of the last 25 years, the determinant of the process will be the construction of a revolutionary socialist Kurdish leadership on the proper theoretical-political-practical experiences. The most important component of the democratic struggle in Turkey is the struggle of Kurdish people for their national and cultural rights.

On the other hand, Kurdish people can’t overcome the racist and nationalist policies of military-police regime by only their national struggle. The self determination of this people depends on a democratic transformation throughout Turkey, realized according to demands and interests of the working masses. The duty of the revolutionary proletariat is to develop the class struggle comprehending the Kurdish peoples’ demands, and to finish up with the military-police regime by wining the Kurdish parties to class struggle.

Against the slavery under IMF and World Bank!

IMF and the World Bank are the instruments of colonizing the world under an economic dictatorship. IMF, in the imperialism dependent countries like ours, prepares the economic attacks against the laborers and the working people, and implements them using the national governments and capitalists. The most important instrument of these attacks is putting that country in debt. After this, come the policies like privatization, subcontraction, flexible working hours, wage reducing and anti-trade union attacks.

The executive of these policies is AKP with the support of CHP ( Republican Peoples’ Party, the main opposition party). Yet both of them are the parties of financial and industrial capital that depend on imperialism. We refuse the collaborative policies and counter revolutionary economic onslaught of pro-regime parties.

An Economy Supervised by Workers!

The wages of the workers are in a permanent decrease, as unemployment grows. Poverty is spread throughout the working masses. Social
security system is being discarded. The right of retirement is becoming a thing of the past. Fire offs, expanding of the black labor market, bad and insecure working conditions for long hours have became common procedures.

Even for those who accept these terms, to find a regular work is nearly impossible. By privatizations, subcontracting and anti-trade union attacks has become more common. Homelessness is in a rapid increase. To reach to education and health services today is even more hard. Starvation in absolute or relative terms reached the highest level in history in all societies of the world.

Against all these attacks it is necessary to organize and fight. Although there are partial mobilizations against these attacks, they are local, disconnected and far from being organized. Even there are some local victories in few factories and workshops, the united and organized struggle of class movement is absolutely necessary if the goal is turning these local victories to permanent gains. Our main slogan must be “Job for everyone, humanly living conditions for everyone!”

For the Construction of a Revolutionary Party and the 4th International!

Whenever the proletariat and working masses try to express their urgent demands and struggle for them, they find themselves in front of the bludgeon of the regime, preaching of Islam or betrayal of the trade union bureaucrats. The class movement lacks a unified, precise political leadership, and an organization these could embody as. For that reason the proletariat, the only progressive class that can lead the revolutionary transformation, is far from being able to interfere the social life. The main instrument of this intervention is the revolutionary party of the proletariat which still waits its construction.

The main task of the revolutionary Marxists is to spread the consciousness of revolutionary party of the class trough the working masses, to help the vanguard of the class struggle to unite along this consciousness and the revolutionary program, and to lead the construction of the revolutionary party in mass mobilizations. The hundred years of socialist history shows that there are plenty of tactics to be used for this goal. Without being satiated by opportunism and sectarianism, according to concrete analysis of the concrete situation, and never forgetting the guideline of independence of the class, various tactics, from workers’ parties to revolutionary unified front, can be applied.

Because of being a class that exceeds national borders, proletariat is the only progressive-revolutionary class that can advance the social transformation to termination of classes. Furthermore, in our era in which the multinational companies created a global exploitation system, even the struggle for most local and urgent demands creates the need of international solidarity and cooperation of the working class. For that reason, a class party which must be constructed in Turkey must have the goal of a world party which would be created according to the united international struggle of proletariat.

Out with Imperialism from Iraq and all Middle East!

Long live İntifada! Long live Free, Democratic, Laic, Unique Palestine State!

Out with Turkish troops from Afghanistan, Lebanon, Bosnia!

Turkey, out of UN and NATO!

Against the Constitution of the military regime! A New laic and democratic Constitution in the interests of the workers,!

For the recognition of all democratic rights of Kurdish people, including their right of self-determination! End to the Repressions Against Kurdish People

Break up all relations with IMF! Turkey out of World Bank!

For the non payment of the foreign debt!

Against Privatizations! For the nationalization without indemnity and under workers’ control!

Forbid layoff! 6 Hours, 4 shift! End up with Unemployment!

For free education and health care services!

Long Live Fourth International! Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!

Writer: Workers’ Front

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