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تونس: حراك شعبي جديد

التحركات مستمرة في تونس منذ ليلة 14 يناير. أطاحت الانتفاضة الشعبية التي انطلقت في ديسمبر 2010 مطالبة بتحسين ظروف العمل والخبز والحياة الكريمة بدكتاتورية بن علي الذي حكم البلاد لمدة 24 عامًا

The rotting of the palace regime

It has been nearly a month since Erdogan announced that they “initiate a new era of economic and legal reforms.” This statement was made in the immediate aftermath of the dismissal of the

All support to the Chilean people!

Thousands of young people, workers and popular sectors took to the streets in Santiago and in all the cities of the country to repudiate the actions of President Piñera and the military.