Salute, Once Again!

The birth of a movement is always difficult. Our march has started, 30 years ago, in the middle of 1979. Since then, the Workers’ Front became the name of perseverance on working class revolutionism, building a revolutionary party and its program, representing transitional demands and slogans, participating in mass struggles; moreover, concrete political steps instead of abstract propoganda have been undertaken for the establishment of the 4th. International.

Our 1st. issue was published in Feb. 1980. By doing so, we had created an organ to carry our political program to the factories, working class areas, schools and different regions of the country and also to share our experience of the struggle.

At the initial stages of our activities we had been badly injured as a result of the military coup d’etat in 1980. During this period, our movement as well as the Turkish workers movement ceased their activities for a while. However, our political will and determination helped us to stand up and continue our march.

After 1980 military coup, during the period of reconstruction the Workers’ Front, a number of separations and unifications had been taken place. As a political faction we had expressed ourselves in many publications such as Zemin (Root), İşçi Sözü (Labor Promise), Sınıf Bilinci (The Class Consciussness), and Sosyalizm (Socialism). Since early 1990’s we had published the Enternasyonal Bulten magazine (International Bulletin). In doing so, regathering and unity processes, based upon the revolutionary programme and struggle have been improved at national and international levels. .

Our efforts to take more comprehensive and new steps for the construction of a workers’ revolutionary party have already given its fruits. As a result of both the stage we are in and the necessity of building of a revolutionary party, which is to be part of the party of the world socialist revolution, the Workers’ Front, have just been published again; it has a new format and has its original logo.

The Workers’ Front is born again, it is a new voice as well as the one that it is known.

The Workers’ Front is inviting working classes, poor masses, women and youth to add their voice to her’s.

Writer: Workers’ Front

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