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ABOUT US / “Nisan” (April) is a monthly Trotskyist publication. Our aim is socialist revolution, abolition of capitalism and building of socialism. We support workers’ and students’ mobilizations, and fight to extender workers’ democracy. Against any type of dictatorial and repressive regime of the dominating classes we support the right of national self-determination. Our struggle is on international scale and we take part in the reconstruction of IV. International as a world party of the working class. CONTACT US / gazetenisan@gazetenisan.net

To be a Trotskyist today

Let's start with understanding what it means to be truly Marxist. We cannot make a cult, as it has been done for Mao or Stalin. Being Trotskyist today does not mean agreeing with everything…

Government ousted in Tunisia

The Prime Minister Habib Essid’s government, unable to get the required amount of votes of confidence in the Parliament, was ousted as of last night (July 30, 2016). The one-and-a-half-year…